Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Batavia Regional Results

Congratulations to Supernova for their accomplishments at the regional competition in Batavia this past Saturday. Their coaches are extremely proud of the hard work and outstanding professionalism during the tournament. The video was chosen to show how they took it in stride when the house came loose from the table and forced them to rescue the robot. They didn't give up and they didn't complain - the refs gave them the benefit of the doubt for raising the house.

- Cheered on our sister team, the "Lego Crushers" - helped them with 40 points by doing the shared "find agreement" mission.
- Met Nathan and his dad Dave and helped spread the FLL word. Hope to see them on a team next year!
- Top score at the robot table
- Robot Design Award - they liked the use of sensors, calibrations, program forks, myBlocks, the magnetically attached ramp and the "elegant execution of find alignment".
- Invitation to the Illinois State Tournament

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Michael and Paul - Missions 1-4

Get well soon, Joey. Michael and Paul trained today with Joey out sick but they were thinking about what tasks he would be doing so they can get him up to speed at Thursday's meeting.

In this video, they do all of the tasks they had planned except the robot gets caught on the pointer during the last click of "find alignment". Great job and after only 1 practice session!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Andrew - Mission 1

Alex: scoop, arm, carbon

Andrew: Bike, insulation, carbon, tie it all together, reliability

Patrick & Tevor: gold ball, turn out lights, raise house

Monday, December 1, 2008

Team update, 11/30

It was a productive and chaotic meeting Sunday. The team is obviously excited about the tournament.

Mrs. Naughton led them in project practice. They're looking good and now each have a job for setup at the tournament. Please check the "Our Project Web Site" link on the right to see all the hard work that she's guided them through. She also brought the team t-shirts with "SUPERNOVA" on the front so that we could get a team picture.

While the robot jockeys worked on mission strategy and practiced, Mrs. McCurdy had them doing technical and teamwork thinking in parallel, plus helped the other boys work on the boards and presentations.

The result of last week's robot work, including timing of the missions, made it clear that there's no way to run all 4 mission groups completely within 2.5 minutes. We'd also like all missions to be run, even if not in their entirety. Each group of jockeys separated to decide how they'd best like to run the missions. They made independent choices with similar point estimates of 235 points max.

Joey, Michael, Paul: Missions 1,2,3,4, but rescue the robot on missions 1 and 3 to save time.
Andrew, Danny, Patrick: Missions 1,2,3

Go Supernova!