Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Luck Supernova!

Good luck to Supernova at the IL State tournament this evening and tomorrow.  Your coaches and parents are very proud of the great work you've done this season, including extensive project research, helping other teams, introducing FLL to others, and showing some tremendous teamwork.

I'd like to share a little bit about how they've used teamwork to improve their robot's reliability.  The last 2 robot practice sessions were typical of how they've been working in small groups and handing off their results and issues to the next group through the use of their log book.  For full disclosure, the hand off in this example was verbal (BAM really had to leave by the time they figured it out!), but the log book has been their primary means of tracking robot errors and fixes for the last couple of months.

They had originally planned on last Jockey practice on Sunday, but 2 of the teams decided to do a little more practice.  BAM (Bridget Andrew Michael) did some minor reliability tweaks and were rewarded with consecutive 390, 390, 390, 400, 400 runs.  Their final run of the day (with Mr. Naughton watching!) was a 340.  The "falling arm" in mission 2 was back.  They figured out what was wrong (and why previous attempts to fix didn't work) but didn't have time to fix it.

Danny Patrick and Nate practiced the next day and did the fix.  The Stop and Wait my-block was disrupting a parallel path meant to hold the arm up.  Patrick suggested replacing it with a modified "Stop and Wait BC", which leaves the arm motor (A) undisturbed in the main path while the parallel path keeps it from falling.  This way, the navigation using B&C motors would run identically while still fixing the problem.  Danny did the changes.  They got a 400 on their last run and the arm was definitely holding during mission 2.

Great job!

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